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My TOP 10 songs of all time!

# 10. Nightwish -Wishmaster-[youtube overlay=true][/youtube#9. Cradle of Filth -Nymphetamine- ACDC -Highway to hell-
Small Hade Helix 3y
Hade Helix0224Small Hade Helix 3y
General Discussion

Insta craft

Waiting for laptop to be delivered, soon as that comes ill be planting insta craft for all to gather around and use.. only thing is we need a good spot near vaults and a work bench for more time deduction on que was thinking embry but dnt like the...
Member avatar small Uriond 3y
Uriond3301Small Hade Helix 3y
General Discussion

Gangstas are super lame!

I hate the rank's name, its totally out of place and generic, lets change it to somethin' with a bit more kick to it, but NOT too badass tho!! we are talking about the deadbeats of the gang here! ;)
Member avatar small Silverbrick 3y
Silverbrick5392Small DevilVelocity 3y
General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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Hade Helix6462Small Fugly Psycho 3y
General Discussion

BBG Verry own track on Youtube!!
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Uriond5351Small DevilVelocity 3y
General Discussion


I give you Uriond, the king of farming.
Small Elizar Holdfast 3y
Elizar Holdfast078Small Elizar Holdfast 3y
General Discussion


Please kill me.
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Elizar Holdfast085Small Elizar Holdfast 3y
General Discussion


Here it is.
Small Hade Helix 3y
Hade Helix2130Member avatar small Uriond 3y

Ballistics/Armorcraft Crafter

Going to start crafting both ballistics and armor for anyone who needs it, however I will greatly appreciate some support with supplies so if anyone wants to send some things my way, I'd appreciate it!Things I need:Most Importantly!:Scrap PaperRag...
Member avatar small GriffinTheThird 3y
GriffinTheThird5295Member avatar small Rennek 3y
Clan Hit list

Clan Hit List

These are the members who are on the hit list so far:Highman DinoGoblintechiesMimidas
Small Anneshirley 3y
Anneshirley3201Small Anneshirley 3y
General Discussion

Our song theme!
Small Hade Helix 3y
Hade Helix079Small Hade Helix 3y


well you all been asking for this so here it is -Special thanks to Thrillchase, Reaps66-Enjoy! Builds
Small Hade Helix 3y
Hade Helix0151Small Hade Helix 3y

War Notes

Seeing as we're about to go to war, I have some comments and concerns.I. The War Party.....A. Availability.........1. The war party isn't open to everyone.........2. To insure everyone can participate it probably should.....B. Raiding.........1. W...
Small Elizar Holdfast 3y
Elizar Holdfast3171Small Elizar Holdfast 3y
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