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Hade Helix / Oct 05, 2014
Say hello to our new base & home!

This is a GREAT spot for rifles/snipers & Pistols! look at the hight just PERFECT!

as for the melee & pistols.....

This will be our Base in Sector 1....

Waypoint 4078188 3784566.

Please remember this IS a PvP town *whole area*.
Hade Helix / Sep 29, 2014
Hello fellow members! as you know or my not know theres a clan called Vampires thats starting up shit with us, so I do feel theres a STORM brewing so I guess Goblintechies must of said something about us.

at any rate if they want Hell? we'll give em hell because us CHOTA won't back down, it's about honor & pride !along with that? RESPECT! it's about restoring our fellow man & women who busts their ASS off I be damned if I let some back woods wash Clan ruin that.

I'll be posting the date & time for this war so make sure you level your skills tradeskills and crafting whatever your into..armorcraft...weapons...healing etc.

Hade Helix.