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(Nov 24, 2014)
i'm gonna work hard and do my very BEST for this clan and you all ;)
(Nov 24, 2014)
can I have 10 red chips? LOL just kidding :P
(Nov 24, 2014)
(Nov 24, 2014)
Hello :)
(Nov 10, 2014)
I'll be away again because it is a VERY important week of school due to '' Saresp '' which is an annual event .... besides the many jobs that will have (classes end this month)
(Nov 05, 2014)
Uir I can help.
(Nov 05, 2014)
Hay guys!
(Nov 05, 2014)
pirue911 (skype name if u can help would be cool)
(Nov 05, 2014)
need to take laptop to a shop get driver updates i think might pop on and say ello tho if not i will be back when i sort the drive out sorry
(Nov 01, 2014)
hey guys, sorry for being inactive, i m not sure when i will be able to play again, hope it's soon
(Oct 31, 2014)
Had problems with tryign to get commander with card aswell, it's annoying
(Oct 30, 2014)
Update Everyone, im still alive, will most likely be back online next week
(Oct 30, 2014)
been trying to buy g1c and commander but need paypal and i already have paypal but forgott password.. cant find a way to pay just by card o-O
(Oct 29, 2014)
no stress pm me when ur online dev still got all ur gear in vault
(Oct 29, 2014)
Sorry about not being on for a while, personal reasons.
(Oct 27, 2014)
Again, no problem. If it's school related we have no issues.
(Oct 25, 2014)
hey guys, i still busy with the school, i don't know for how long im will stay offline =/
(Oct 23, 2014)
No problem man. Education over FE. Set priorities.
(Oct 22, 2014)
Sorry about my absence, i have been really busy with college and been unable to get much freetime due to midterms. Next week i will for sure be more active
(Oct 20, 2014)
Toubilous you will be getting your 15 red hopefully today, Hade is having internet problems again